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ShowCAD Control Systems specialise in show control systems for entertainment and architectural environments.

Son et Lumiere : autonomous systems allowing for interaction from remote locations. Museums, art installations, theme park attractions, exhibitions and historic buildings are examples of the work we have done in this area.

Architectural : building facade, interior, environmental and street lighting are some of the areas we have experience with.

Nightclub : lighting system range from single universe systems to multi-universe systems integrating video and effect lighting from a single point.

Stage : set piece theatrical events, tv and special effects.

HMS Belfast

Ripley's Believe it or Not

Lowestoft Fountains

Avalon Hollywood Booth

Bahrain Financial Harour

Blackpool T3 and Ball


Edinburgh Conference Centre

Cash Cab

Empire Casino

Masterblaster Ride Blackpool


Celebrity Millennium

City Palace, Udiapur, Rajasthan

Bahrain financial Harbour

Pepsi Promo

Pepsi Stage

Switched On London, Maya House

The Bank at The Bellagio

Tryka Stand @ BAR Show


Central to these systems is our flagship Artist show control software developed on more than 30 years of experience in the industry.


Download Artist and see for yourself the possibilities for your projects.