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Touch Screen

Modified on 2012/02/24 00:36 by Administrator Categorized as Artist Installation

You can use any touch screen but we supply ELO touch screen because of our experience with them. This article is specific to ELO but others will require a similar setup process.

With all applications including Artist shut down, install the drivers from the disk supplied from ELO. Often you will use the touch screen as a second monitor. If this is the case ensure you have set whether the monitor is the primary or secondary - usually the secondary.

Setting up Artist

This procedure sets the Operator to automaticall open in full screen mode on a specified monitor when Atrist is launched.

  • Run Artist
  • click on Operator to open the operator GUI
  • press 'F2' or select Properties from the menu bar
  • select the Display tab
  • select the monitor from the Screen Setup combo box.
  • click OK
  • press ctrl-X to close the operator screen
  • main menu/Tools/Preferences/Start Up
  • check Operator GUI
  • click OK

Now save the workspace.

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