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This is a list of the some of the architectural lighting installations we have been involved in.

Venue Location Installer
H2O Wet & Wild Orlando Techni-lux
Green Aria ScentOpera, Guggenhiem New York Bob Calvert
Lowestoft Water Fountains Lowestoft Bob Calvert
Chittorgarh Fort India, Rajasthan Double Exposure
Amber Fort India, Khajuraho Double Exposure
The Red Fort India, Delhi Double Exposure
Historic site India, Anadpur Sahib Double Exposure
Visitor Centre India, Andaman & Nicobar Islands Double Exposure
Historic site India, Udaipur Double Exposure
Historic site India, Somnath Double Exposure
Historic site India, Kurukshetra Double Exposure
Expo 92 Coca Cola Pavilion Japan, Iwate  
Sensorvision Theatre Melbourne  
Volcanoland Singapore, Sentoza Island  
The Merlion Bell Singapore, Sentoza Island  
Meli Park Belgium  
Vikingland Norway  
Museum of Australian Democracy Canberra  
Seaworld Orlando  
Stratofantazia Hong Kong, Victoria Harbour  
Peter Greenaway's Spellbound    
HMS Belfast, Switched on London London LED Co.
Maya House, Switched on London London Pulsar
Universal Studios Orlando Techni-lux
Haunted Woods Delaware  
Football, Football London  
Baileys Icon Dublin  
The Stone Forest China  
The Magic Mill, Thorpe Park England  
Cap'n Andy Show, Thorpe Park England  
SEGAWorld, The Trocadero Centre London, Piccadilly Circus  
They Shoot Horses Don't They? Blackpool Worldwide Lighting Design
Thunderbird 3 Blackpool Worldwide Lighting Design
The Chroma Tree Blackpool Worldwide Lighting Design
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