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Bahrain Financial Harbour

Bahrain Financial Harbour

Bahrain Financial Harbour

Bahrain Financial Harbour



ShowCAD Artist controls the exterior feature lighting of the Bahrain Financial Harbour project.

We also designed and supplied the extensive distributed fibre optic/ethernet/DMX system network and the control computer.

The Artist system controls lighting on the two (largest) East and West Towers, the Financial Centre that nestles between them and the Harbour House.

The lighting fixtures installed on the exterior of the two towers, the Financial Centre and the Harbour House consist of 1788 of Pulsar's L1 ChromaStrip2's and 20 of their extremely powerful L3 ChromaFlood 200's.


The scheme used 12 DMX universes delivered via a fibre-optic network backbone connecting the control room to the two towers.

The central control computer is located in the financial building which sit between the two imposing towers. The system is designed to run autonomously but can be operator controlled.

Remote access is provided for maintainance.