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2009 has seen the completion of our largest public space installation in the UK. Brilliance was proposed some 3 years back as a scheme to regenerate the Birley Street area of Blackpool. ShowCAD were central to the technical design of the scheme from the outset. We were partnered by several contractors and consultants and the scheme has been a great success. It has certainly attracted people to the area and it will, in time, attract new up market businesses and in turn elevate the standing of the area.

The project was centred on Birley Street but included the four surrounding streets one of which is picture here. The beautifully designed street lighting columns had Robe intelligent yoke lighting housed in weather proved spheres.
These surrounding streets have DMX supplied via wireless connection in order to avoid digging up the new laid Chinese paving stones.
The lighting on these streets is programmed to provide gentle effect lighting. When they are not in used Artist turns on the normal metal halide street light.

Birley Street has six very striking arches with various lighting fixtures. To appreciate the scale notice the man to left of the second arch.
The street lighting is mounted in three trunkings spanning the six arches.
Artist controls all of this and plays the music that the shows are time coded to. An elegant and integrated solution.

The control room overlooks the street and allows for live show playback and interaction with the audience.

This would generally be a deserted street at this time. The transformation is real and the regeneration process has begun.