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This a modern, glass fronted office building. The front half of the building is an atrium that extends to the full height of the building. This is the area that the system is to light.

On the outside the steels are highlighted with colour mixing floods, the entrance is picked out with colour mixing strips and the trees are uplit with colour mixing LEDs.

Inside the atrium roof steels are picked out with colour mixing LED strip, two 500Watt profile yokes provide an entrance shimmer effect and uplight LEDs are position on the wall of the office floors. The general are is lit by dimmable metal halide fixtures.


IP 60 colour mixing fixture these devices are position to highlight the structure steels on the outside.
IP60 colour mixing strips the strips pick out the outline of revolving entrance door way.
IP60 colour mixing fixtures these are position under the trees on the entrance approach
colour mixing strips these strips pick out the steels on the roof of the atrium
colour mixing uplighters these up lighters are position along the wall of the offices opposite the entrance.
2 500 watt profile yokes the profile are focused on the entrance to provide a shimmering effect but can project the company logo on the office wall


Artist computer a dual core small footprint computer
DMX interfaces to control the DMX devices
DALI interfaces to control the metal halide devices from DMX
ADSL modem to connect the system to the internet
4 touch panel outstations the outstations are positioned at reception, the security office, the lobby seating area and the caretakers office.
data acquisition this connects the system to the building management system.