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Artist has a long history of use within nightclubs. Nowadays, nightclubs can be very complex environments incorporating moving lighting, colour mixing LED matrixes, video, sound and architectural lighting. 

This example has the main discotheque upstairs and a chill out bar downstairs. Artist is located in the Light Jock Booth and outstation control is provided behind the upstairs and downstairs bars.

Dance floor

16 moving mirror projectors These fixtures provide fast response movement on the dance floor - a crucial element in any high energy nightclub.
8 moving yoke colour mixing washes To provide a colourful backdrop for the dance floor lighting.
8 moving yoke profiles These provide dramatic beam sweeps and multi gobo rotations.
4 high intensity strobes Punctuation.
8 floor level blinders Floor level provides a uplifting sensation for the dancers as these fixtures are pulsed.
8 flat panel video screens These video screens are placed around the lighting rig, angled down on towards the floor.
Large scale LED video wall panels one entire wall of the club is given over to LED panels that provide a video screen.
2 Hazers provide smoke effect for the lighting on the dancefloor.

Architectural features

Entrance signage This signage is comprised of individual white LEDS for the club name and a background of colour mixing LEDS
LED edge lit staircase The glass steps of the stair case are edge lit with colour mixing LED fixtures.
Bar LED mixing the back wall of the bar is made up of 16 opaque panels with colour mixing LEDs
Seating area with LED colour mixing LED downlighters are position in each of the seating booths.
8 Flat panel video screens The seating areas also have video screens.
32 halogen downlighters these are basic house lighting fixtures.


 There is a bar located downstairs from the nightclub.

Bar Lighting LED colour mixing etched glass panels and downlighters
Seating lighting LED
Table lighting  
Staircase lighting  
House lighting  


ShowCAD Artist Artist is the central control system based on a quad core computer. The Artist computer has one monitor for the main user interface and a touch monitor displaying the operator GUI. In addition a MIDI keyboard provide fast response control.
Video processor The video screens and video wall are sourced by a video processor which is controlled by Artist via Artnet.
Video switcher A video switcher is used to select various sources for the video screens and video wall. This is controlled by Artist via a serial link.
2 Touch panel outstations one of these is positioned behind the bar downstairs and one upstairs to allow for lighting adjustments by the bar managers.
18 channel power pack Provides controlled power for house lights and blinders.