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This is an example of a small bar and restaurant. There is a dance area around the bar where there is foreground music. The licensed music is automatically provided by a video server and the dance floor lighting lighting runs autonomously.
The manager has touch panel access to the restaurant and house lighting.
The whole system is automatic requiring new user impetuous but providing override capability.

Dance Floor

2 effect projectors simple low cost gobo effect projects to provide movement and beams
8 LED colour mixing mini par cans to flood the floor with colour and audio effect.
4 moving mirror scanners extra beam effects and movement
Dance floor perimeter LED string LED colour mixing string around the kidney shaped dancefloor.

Bar Lighting

LED strip The top and bottom edge of the bar are outlined with LED colour mixing strip. This provides either static or very slow colour fades.
LED downlighters These colour mixing fixture are positioned along the back of the bar backlighting the optics and highlighting the etched mirrors.
Halogen MR16 downlighter These are position above the bar to provide a warm light source on the counter.

Restaurant Lighting

LED colour mixing the alcoves at each table are washed by colour mixing LED fixtures.
Halogen MR16 downlighters each table  has 4 halogen downlighters softly lighting the table surface.
House Lighting various downlighters illuminating the house space.
Plant Uplighters LED colour mixing fixture uplighting the plant on plynths.


ShowCAD Artist Artist is the central control system based on a basic PC. It has one touch monitor for overriding and monitoring purposes.
Touch panel outstation a touch panel is located behind the bar providing lighting control for the restaurant and bar areas.
Video screens there are 4 flat panel video screens located around the room.
Video server system this provides the music and video content from a play list.
Power pack provides control power for the various halogen fixtures.