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This is a rapidly expanding area ranging from art installations to museums.

In this example we present a set piece show in a shopping mall that is scheduled to repeat 30 minutes. The system commands all the surrounding shops signage to go to a low light state in order not to distract from the show. The show runs for 4 minutes and returns the signage to its normal state.

The show area consists of a rectangular pond area surrounded by a small wall for people to sit on. There is a small tree in each corner. The ceiling of the mall is an arch with a smooth sky blue finish.

The theme of the show is the four seasons set to a medley of Vivaldi's work of the same name.


10 slide projectors these concealed projects though various cloud patterns on to the ceiling
2 snow machines these are mounted high above the pond
2 wind machines these are mounted behind the snow machines
8 rain shower nozzles and pumping gear these are positioned in 4 x 2 array above the pond
4 x and y fountain heads these are mounted under the surface of the pond water
16 water proof fountain uplighters these are positioned around the fountains
16 tree uplighters these uplight the corner trees
4 high powered strobes these are concealed above the roof of the shops and project on to the ceiling.
10 moving yoke washes these are concealed and provide colouration for the ceiling.
4 sub bass drivers these are mounted under the trees
hidden full range cabinets these are focused on the four edges of the pond.


Artist computer Artist is installed on base level computer with 1 universe of DMX.
Data acquisition interface digital input for Artist for emergency override functions.
DMX interface connects to all the DMX fixtures
DMX relays These are used to command the surrounding signage that the show is about to start.
4 zone audio interface Audio interface to provide 4 zone outputs
ADSL modem provides internet connection for the system.
2 stereo amplifier drives the 4 pond edge speaker.
1 mono sub bass amp and filter drives the sub-bass drivers under the trees