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A white knuckle ghost ride. This is essentially a roller coater in the dark. The position of the train triggers various micro switches and trip beams along the way to provide impetuous for the effect cues.

As the train enters the darkness the tracks are highlighted by electroluminescent strip revealing a network loops in the distance. As the train climbs the first ramp the strips fade to zero leaving complete darkness as the train reaches the apex. As the train begins to accelerate over the first peak a loud explosion is heard and blinding strobe strikes. The train hits a water trough and green moving beams break through falling chilled fog as it starts to climb again. As it reaches the top of this climb there is a structural creaking noise and a vibration is felt through the train. The train now accelerates backwards as if out of control. When the train stops abruptly in the dip low level lighting reveal water gushing on all sides of the train. The train now descends through an acrylic tunnel under the water. As it passes through the tunnel sharks and leviathan like creatures attack the tunnel accompanied by the train shaking and loud echoing noises. The train then ascends a spiral track while being attacked by flying creatures as the walls are cracked and apparently lava filled. Again shaking can be felt. Finally the top of the spiral is reached the heat of an out venting flame can be seen and felt and the train accelerates very fast and passes through a cork screw during strobing and chilled fog and moving beams. To the finish.


electroluminescent strip  
High power strobes  
Yoke profiles  
Mirror profiles  
chilled fog machines  
LED colour mixing strip  
Full range speakers  


Artist computer dual core PC
data acquisition USB data acquisition for sensor reception and commands from the train control system
DMX relays these trigger vibration devices, high pressure water valves, gas valves and commands to the train control system.
DMX interfaces USB DMX interfaces for fog machines, yokes, mirrors, electroluminescent strips, strobes and LEDs.
10 channel audio output 10 audio channels for effect sound playback along the route.
Audio power amps 400 watt audio power amps.
touch panel outstation control panel for central operator to monitor and override.