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Your Show Control Is Our Passion

Welcome to ShowCAD Control Systems, specialising in show control systems for entertainment and architectural environments.

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Control Solutions for a large range of applications:

Son et Lumiere

Autonomous systems allowing for interaction from remote locations. Museums, art installations, theme park attractions, exhibitions and historic buildings.


Building facade, interior, environmental and street lighting are some of the areas we have experience with.


Lighting system range from single universe systems to multi-universe systems integrating video and effect lighting from a single point.

Our Prestigious Global Clients Include:

Our Flagship ShowCAD.Artist Software

Central to these systems is our flagship Artist show control software, developed on more than 30 years of experience in the industry.


Under continuous development for over 10 years, the most powerful lighting control software gets better and better.


Updates within major versions of Artist are available without charge, protecting your investment.

Click here for the more about ShowCAD.Artist

World-Class Productivity

Programming with Artist3 is superfast, even with highly complex lighting and integrated systems.

Fast & Easy Work

Experienced system programmers revel with the Artist3 experience.

Create Results

Once configured, creating cues is extremely fast and efficient.


Some messages from a few of our valued customers:

ShowCAD is, without doubt, one of the most versatile, flexible and well-thought-out lighting and show controllers on the market today. Being PC/Mac based, it is in constant development, ready to meet the needs of the industry’s professionals, and emerging technologies. With flexible input and output options, a client’s ideas can be accommodated time and time again. It’s my choice when specifying any job. The guys at ShowCAD are always helpful and on the top of their game.

John Richardson

LD/Programmer, Lighting Systems UK

I have used the ShowCAD system for over 12 years now, and it has proved its mettle on every type of project I have thrown at it. It has been so robust and reliable, it has now become the de-facto standard for all Son et lumière being installed in India. And it is backed by the prompt & helpful support of the ShowCAD people.

Veenu Pasricha

CEO, Double Exposure, New Delhi

I choose your system every time because It’s the most capable controller that exists, and at a great price!

Richard Worboys

Technical Director, Avalon Sound/Moonlighting, Los Angeles.

We choose ShowCAD because it is a brilliant lighting control system and offers fantastic integration and system control, including multiple display options.

Richard Williams

Production Manager, Lightworks/Blackpool Illuminations, UK

For over 25 years, ShowCAD have been providing control solutions backed by top level support.

Andy Graves

Technical Director, AXALIGHT : LED Lighting Your Way

Latest Knowledgebase Updates

Data input with Advantech interfaces

Artist is designed to interface to any Advantech USB devices installed in the Advantech Device Manager. Installing Advantech Drivers Download the DAQNavi SDK from the Advantech support site. Also, download the driver for you specif interface. Ensure that the interface...

Auto boot Artist in Windows 10

To automatically launch Artist  create or copy a shortcut to Artistcopy the shortcut to the clipboardtype 'run' and press 'Enter' on the start status bar.type 'shell:startup'paste from the clipboard to this location.

Controlling Artist through an Ethernet connection

Artist can be controlled with simple text message sent across Ethernet using a TCP/IP connection. Artist responds to the Text Commands as define in the help section Automation. Input Output Patch/Network Remotes - right click and select Properties Check Enable - note...


This is the procedure to set up Artist to talk to Wysiwyg. Wysiwyg provides visualisation of Artists DMX outputs. Copy Program Files/Artist3/ArtistWyg.msi to the Wysiwyg computer. This can be the same as the Artist computer or another LAN...

Auto Login

If you Windows computer has a password but you want the system to automatically log in with your password this is the procedure for you. Win+R to open the Run dialogtype 'netplwiz' followed by Enter to open the advance user account...

iPad and TouchOSC

TouchOSC is an iPad app that sends MIDI messages wrapped in OSC data packets over network connections. See the web site http://hexler.net/software/touchosc Visit the Apple app store and install the TouchOSC app on any iPad you wish to connect to...

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