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Using the Simple mode in Arkaos, the default settings might not give enough flexibilty…so with some slight modifications…

First modify the DMX incoming settings in Arkaos as per the attached Jpg.

Secondly, install from the template file attached, the new Arkaos ‘MM-Express simple (Non-Dim Functions)’ – just install 1 of these fixtures in your workspace, and it needs the DMX address to be 1

Now install a second fixture group of the new Arkaos ‘ MM-Express simple (Layer) fixtures’ – install 64 of these fittings and the base address for this will now automatically start at 18…as there are 64 of these fittings, each one will give you separate control of each layer As they are now separate fixtures per layer – they are also chase’able using the chase generators – eg sound to light video clip chasing and you don’t end up with thousands of faders on the screen