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When you install Artist for the first time on a computer it will run for 30 days fully functionally. ShowCAD can extend this period if you require more time.

The Version number

The version number of Artist is in this form M.S.m.B and is found in Main Menu/Help/About.

  • where M is the major version. There are currently only version 2 and version 3
  • S is the special version – no longer used
  • m is the minor version. A change in this number indicates that the workspace format has changed
  • B is the build number. This is updated every time there is a new build.


There are 2 major versions of Artist currently. Version 2 and version 3. Both of these major versions can coexist on a computer and are registered entirely seperately.

You register the software from Main Menu/Help/Registration. Give the Registration code to Artist and you will be given a Key code that unlocks the functionality of the software. The registration defines the number of DMX universes that can be used on the system.

Upgrading You can upgrade from version 2 to version 3. However, this is not free of charge. The upgarding process checks you Artist 2 registration before verifing Artist 3 registration. Once a workspace has been saved by version 3 it is no longer readable in version 2. The workspaces are not backwardly compatible.


You can update your version free of charge if there is no change in the major version number and it will not affect your registration. It is always best to keep your version up to date.

Changing Computer

If you change your computer you will have to contact ShowCAD for a new license. Remember when you first install Artist on a computer it will run fully functionally for a period of 30 days which should give you plenty of time to reregister.