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With Artist3 version 3.1.19.xx onwards the installation of the drivers for the ShowCAD USB-DMX interface is automatic. On a fresh installation of Artist3, universe 1 is connected automatically to the installed USB interface.

The following outlines how to manual connect and verify interface within Artist3.

Windows Device Manager

Open Windows Device Manager (Start/Run/Device Manager), and open Ports (COM & LTP). The interface will show as USB Serial Port. If you unplug the interfac you will see it disappear from the list.

Artist Interface Manager

Open Navigator/Resources/Interface Manager/ShowCAD USB-DMX and you will see a DMX node with the serial number of the interface. If you unplug the interface you will see a red asterisk appear to indicate that there is a problem with the interface.

Input Output Patch

Open Navigator/Resources/Input Output Patch. The DMX Out place holder indicates how many unverse are setup. Each of these universes needs to be connected to a DMX interface. Right-click on a DMX Out universe (node) and select Connect to Interface. Use this dialog to select the DMX interface to connect to.

If any of these nodes show up with a red asterisk it means that they are not connected to an existing interface.

Snagging Tools

You can verify the entire connection by right-clicking on Navigator/Resources/Input Output Patch/DMX Out and selecting Snagging Tools. With this dialog you can directly output in order to test your DMX lines or fixtures.

This dialog can also be used to find fixtures.