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Artnet is the license-free protocol for distributing DMX over TCP/IP packets in local area network systems. Artnet is supported by a wide range of DMX devices. We recommend that Artnet is used on a private network since it does not sit well with other network traffic due to the volume of data passed.

Connection to Multiple Artnet Interfaces

Your computer must have a Network card. This is then connected to an Ethernet switch. The purpose of the switch is to split the data and sends it to each of the Artnet nodes on seperate Cat5 cables.

If you are connecting to only 1 Artnet node, then your computer can be directly linked with a CAT5 crossover cable, omitting the ethernet switch.

Setting up Computer

You must set the IP address of the network adapter. Open Network Connection and select properties on the Local Area Connection interface. Select properties on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and set the IP address to, subnet mask to Many Artnet devices will only allow you to specifiy addresses in the range of network address 2.x.x.x and 10.x.x.x. These addresses require a sub-net mask of

Now the Artnet nodes are all now connected to the computer and the computer is setup you need to set the node address. Check you have a basic ethernet connection by checking that the Green Link LED indicators are illuminated on all connected ethernet ports.

Setting Nodes

Setting the addresses on your Artnet nodes depends on the manufacturer. Most have physical switches and others, like the Pathport nodes(which can also run in Artnet mode), use a piece of software to set addresses. You should refer to their literature for addressing instructions . Ensure that each node has a unique address in the same the range of the IP set on the host computer.

If you have used for the computer, then your nodes can be set to through to

The interfaces also have sub-net and universe switches. These should both be set to 0.

Testing Connections

You can now test that you have connectivity by typing ‘Command’ or ‘cmd’ in the Windows start menu. This will open a DOS-based command prompt window.

To test an interface with an IP address of, type ‘ping’. This will return messages stating the connection status. It will make 4 attempts by default to communicate.

Do this for all your interfaces to verify connectivity.

Running Artist

Start Artist and go to Navigator/Interface Manager/Artnet and right-click and select Properties. Check Enable and select the IP address of the Interface card your Artnet network is on and click OK.

After a few seconds all the nodes should appear under the Artnet branch in the navigator. There are some nodes which have 8 universes. The Artnet poll, which discovers nodes, does not recognise all 8 universes. You therefore you have to set the number of universes by selecting Properties on Artnet and selecting each node in turn and set the number of universes.

For Pathport nodes which are being used in Artnet mode, rather than the native Pathport mode, you will need to offset the address allocation of the node by one. The reason being that the first Artnet universe is unaddressable by the pathport interface. For example, configure the node so it has 3 universes in Artist Interface manager. Port 1 of the node will be connected to Artnet universe 2 as far as Artist is concerned, and similarly port 2 of the node will be connected to Artnet universe 3. These connections need to be made in the input/output patch within Artist before DMX will stream.

Once you can see all of your connected nodes you can the connect them in the Input Output patch to DMX universes.