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The CD/DVD drive in your computer is not recommended for timecode shows becuase in general removable optical media is are reliable. We therefore suggest that you rip the CDs to the hard drive and play the content from there.

The sound quality will then be down to what is used to produce the sound. If you use a standard PC sound card, the sound may not be good enough. You can buy a quality sound card but you may still find that the sound could be better. For the best results an external USB or Firewire audio device.

The audio tracks that you ripped to the hard drive will be in either wav or wma formats both of which will be readable by Artist. Copy these audio file to the My Workspaces\Sounds folder. Now when you launch Artist you will see these files list in Navigator/Resources/Audio Manager/Waves.

You are now ready to create your timecoded show.

Sound Devices

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