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With Windows 8.1, the shortcut method of starting Artist at Windows start up no longer works as expected.

The best way to start Artist automatically in Windows 8.1 is to add a task to the Windows Task Scheduler. In future version of Artist you will be able to do this in Artist Preferences. For now, however, here is the procedure.

  • Open the Windows Start menu
  • Type ‘Schedule tasks’ and press Enter
  • Select ‘Create Basic Task…’ from the right hand window.
  • Name = ‘ShowCAD Artist Start up’, click Next
  • Trigger = ‘When I log in’, click Next
  • Action = ‘Start a program’, click Next
  • click Browse to find Artist3.exe in Program File(x86)/Artist3
  • check Open Properties and click Finish.

General Tab

  • check ‘Run with highest privileges
  • select Configure for = Windows 8.1

Triggers Tab

  • select the trigger and click Edit
  • ‘Any user’
  • click OK

You now have to force Windows to open on the desktop.

  • right-click on Windows Task Bar and select Properties
  • select the Navigation tab
  • check ‘When I sign in or close…..’
  • check ‘Show Start on the display….’