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This instruction assumes correct installation of the Artist software has already been carried out – see Artist Software Installation. The “Blackbox” interface currently supplied is always referred to as “ShowCAD USB DMX” and in any item selection procedure described later, this should be selected over other options.

Plug in the interface watching the green LED, which should flash once

After connecting the USB interface for the first time, the “Found new hardware” notice should appear. If interfaces have previously been installed, this message will not appear, as the procedure has already been carried out

Launch Artist

At the Navigator window/Resources/Interface Manager, right click. At ShowCAD USB DMX, open the + and “1 Universe” plus the serial number of the blackbox interface, which is printed on the base of the box enclosure, should be showing. Right click properties and ensure that the “enable” box is ticked

Still in the Navigator window, on the next item down in the list -“Input/Output Patch”, open the + tree and look at DMXOutputs

There may be more than one universe showing – do not concern yourself if this is a single universe system and right click the first item

Look at Properties and insert the details – i.e. the “Interface Type” drop-down should be assigned to ShowCAD USB, “Node” should show the serial number of the interface automatically and ”Universe” should show 1. Click OK. The interface should now be recognised and outputDMX. If the blackbox interface is not recognized:

Repeat the procedure detailed in the last point – at Input/Output Patch/Properties refresh all the items by dropping them down and re-selecting. Also check that they are correct – for instance the serial number agrees with that printed on the interface.

Plug and unplug the USB. Check that the green LED flashes once.

Please run the VCOM driver file in the C:\Programs/Artist directory. Please also note the VCOM driver has to be run once for each blackbox connected

If the interface is still not recognized, from the computer Start Menu/Settings, please look in Windows Control Panel/System/Hardware/Device Manager/USB Controllers. Open this branch and you should see FTDI FT 8U2XXX without any warning signs or exclamation marks, but just the USB symbol. If the FDTI driver is not recognized, uninstall it from here (Device Manager) and please run the VCOM driver file in the C:\Programs/Artist directory. If the Internet is available, after uninstalling in Device Manager, connect to the Internet and let the Interface find the driver that it needs.

If the unit is still not recognized, close Artist and power down the computer, unplug the interface, re-boot and follow these procedures again.