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ShowCAD History

ShowCAD Control Systems Ltd. was established in 1984 in London. Now based in Dorset, the company has largely been developing show control solutions since foundation, with some diversions into machine control, engine management, electron microscope component software and other projects. Currently, we are principally focused on developing our ShowCAD Artist show control system, primarily designed for the entertainment and architectural lighting market.

As a result of developing our software, larger projects have come our way. We have the remit to consult and deliver on projects which require a more in-depth and customised approach. We have the experience to consult, specify and recommend control solutions for many different types of project.

We have experience of many show control installation projects, with hotel, conference centre, retail, residential, entertainment and public space lighting system installations. Furthermore, we also work closely with installers and suppliers to deliver the requirements of their projects. As such, we offer a flexible and comprehensive service to our clients that we are proud of. 

Should a technical solution not be available in the marketplace, then we can develop the tools ourselves in order to achieve the project goals. This solution has been used many times in the past on various projects, and it allows us to often deliver a more finely-tailored result.

We consult, advise and support many of our installation clients on how to achieve their goals, by integrating our product as a control solution for their systems. This also gives us considerable insight into how others plan and design their systems, which helps to keep us at the edge of system trends, how-to methods and design specifications.  

Although we primarily develop our own software, we do not confine ourselves to a single solution or a limited range of products. If in the process of researching a project, a solution from another manufacturer is found, then we will take the simplest, most effective option to achieve our goal.