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Pathport is a protocol for distributing DMX data across Ethernet using inexpensive CAT5 cabling. This cabling is common place in buildings for distributing IT networks and therefore electricians are quite familiar with its use.

Connection to Multiple Pathport Interfaces

Your computer must have a Network card. This is then connected to an Ethernet switcher. The switcher splits the data and sends it to eack of the Pathport nodes on seperate cables. Nodes cannot be daisy-chained.

Connection to a Single Pathport Interface

You computer must have a Network card. You now connect the interface with a CAT5 crossover cable. No other nodes can be connected.

Setting up Computer

You must set the IP address of the network adapter. Open Network Connection and select properties on the Local Area Connection interface. Select properties on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and set the IP address to, subnet mask to It is possible to use other address if necessary. Now the Pathport nodes are all now connected to the computer and the computer is setup you need to set the node address.

Setting Nodes

To setup your Pathport nodes you need to install and run Pathport Manager. You should see all of the connected nodes listed. Select each in turn and set the IP address in the range – Each node must have a unique address.

Running Artist

Run Artist and go to Navigator/Interface Manager/Pathport and right-click and select Properties. Check Enable and select the IP address of the Interface card your Patport network is on and click OK. After a few seconds all the nodes will appear under the Pathport branch in the navigator. Once you can see all of your connected nodes you can the connect them in the Input Output patch.