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It is common for fixtures such as LED strips to contain a set of control channels followed by the RGB control channels for each pixel. To get the best out of these you should divide them in to 2 fixture groups – one for the control channels and another for the RGB pixels only.

Pulsar Chromazone

For example the Pulsar Chromazone contain 11 control channels for master level, programmed effects and other functions. The ShowCAD template file contains a template for these control channels. Add one of these for each Chromazone in a group of their own – call it Chromazone Controls.

To add the pixels, open the PixelArray template file and add an array. Any will do because you can change the shape and size of the array as you go through the wizard. Add these pixel in to there own group – call it Pixel.

Now when you are running effect Artist will treat these a one large block of pixels.