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Mayhem Nightclub

Mayhem nightclub in Southend, England is centrally controlled by ShowCAD Artist. It uses 2 universes of DMX distributed on Ethernet. It runs all dance-floor lighting, environmental and architectural lighting, two white light lasers, a digital media server, audio and video sources and video switchers.

The dance floor has eight moving yoke profiles, eight moving mirror scans, four moving yoke washes and many other spots and effect projectors.

A quirky feature of the club are the four spherical padded VIP pods. These have a video monitor and a touch control panel for selecting sources and lighting. The control panels are connect to Artist using RS422 serial connections.

This nightclub won the prestigious Club Systems International Best Nightclub 2007 Award. The opening of the first ever nightclub at a resort as world famous as The Mirage called for a unique design and installation.Avalon Sound’s Richard Worboys decided to use ShowCAD Artist as the control system and writes as follows about the installation:“This was quite a complicated control system to setup. ShowCAD Artist was the central control system that ultimately controlled all the other elements. We were directly controlling many moving head fixtures and strobes, cuing a Media Server and a 96 x 80 resolution LED Matrix ceiling.

Taking full advantage of Artist’s excellent MIDI and patching capabilities, we had 3 MIDI keyboards (Edirol PCRM50 and 2 M Audio Radium49) and 2 Behringer BCF2000 fader panels.  We also implemented 3 Sustain pedals for foot control. The Behringer Fader panel worked great for controlling the media server, with its 8 media layers. Using the Behringer’s 8 faders, we patched the fader panel to control all elements via different pages. The fixtures were set up in a basic Matrix layout to take advantage of Artist’s powerful Matrix capabilities, not only using them for LED control.

We also used an 8×8 VGA matrix to switch between outputs to the 6 DL1 projectors, the LED Matrix. We installed two VGA monitors for Artist in the booth,  providing for better visibility and enabling us to comfortably operate, programme and to preview video.”


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9 February 2020