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Some colour mixing fixtures include a white or an amber channel. These channels are often included to improve the production of white. The amber channel can have the effect of changing the colour temperature of the final mix.

In template wizard you can select the follow enhanced colout mixing pixels.

  • RGBW which is 4 channels including white channel
  • RGBWA which is 5 channels including white and amber
  • RGBWWW which is special 6 channel pixel for Pulsar products.

These enhancement channels are automatically control with Artist. Artist calculates the white proportion of the RGB, subtracts it from the RGB and adds it to the White channel.

Example:    Red = 50%    Green = 45%    Blue = 65%White is made of equal values of RGB in this case 45%. This level is subtracted from the RGB and sent to the white channel gining,    Red = 5%    Green = 0%    Blue = 20%    White = 45%

The Fixture Group has a White Balance control that can adjust the actual white output.

In RGBWA pixels the Fixture Group has a temperature control that proportionally control the ratio of White to Amber. With the more white the colour temperature is high with more amber, cooler.

RGBWA Example with 50% Colour Temperature:    Red = 5%    Green = 0%    Blue = 20%    White = 22.5%    Amber = 22.5%

Pixel Arrays also contain these pixel options.