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The KiNet protocol distributes DMX lighting data via Ethernet for Philips/Color Kinetics power supply interfaces. KiNet does not provide for a discovery method which requires that the IP address of each Power Supply/Interface is added manually.

Setting up the Artist PC

  • Set the PC IP address to the same domain as the interfaces supplied. The IP addresses of the Philips interfaces are printed on the case. So if the IP on the interfaces is then set the PC to making sure that the first 3 groups of numbers are the same as the interfaces but that the fourth group is unique.
  • Run Artist.
  • Right click Navigator/Resources/Interface Manager/KiNet and select Properties.
  • Check the Enable box
  • select the IP address of the network card.

Add Nodes

  • Note all the IP addresses of the interfaces you have and how many output ports each has.
  • Click the Add Node button on the KiNet dialog.
  • Set the IP of the First box
  • set the number of outputs ports
  • Repeat this for each interface.