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This device interfaces your computer to your DMX fixtures. The output is electrically isolate and protects your computer from any high voltages that might appear on the DMX line. For this reason we only recommend these USB devices for use on Desktop systems.

A maximum of two interfaces is recommended for a trouble free installation.

In general simply installing Artist should install the drivers for this interface.

If in Navigator/Resources the interface is not found (indicated by a red asterisk on the interface icon) then go to Windows Control Panel/System/Device Manager. First look under COM ports for the interface and check under Universal Serial Bus for the Serial Converter. If either of these are missing run c:\Program files\artist\vcom_setup.exe.

You should now find that Device Manager recognises the device and now when you run Artist the red asterisk should have gone.

If the Device Manager shows an unknown device or a yellow question mark after this procedure, you should connect the system to the internet and allow it to search for the appropriate drivers.