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If you are having trouble with the ShowCAD USB interface.

Verify in Artist

This step will determin if Artist can see the interface.

Open Main Menu/Help/Log file – scroll down to the bottom of the file and find the last Log on. Scroll down further and find the line that says – ShowCAD USBDMX. This will show how many interfaces are detected. If you interface is missing from the list, then the issue is with drivers or hardware.

Hardware Check

If the interface is receiving data from Artist the Green LED will be flashing continuously. If no data is being output the problem is either with the DMX line wiring of the interface output is faulty. It is worth lashing up a test DMX fixture to verify the interface DMX output because there can be a delay in sending a new interface. 

If this is not the case, when you plug the interface in to the USB port, the Green LED on the interface should flash once as it is powered up.

If this doesn’t happen. Try the interface on another USB port and maybe another computer to see if the LED flashes. If it does then the issue is with the PC USB port.

Windows Device Manager Check

Open Device Manager (Start/Run/Device Manager) and open Ports (COM & LPT). The interface should show up as USB serial port. Unplug the interface to see it removed from the list. If this doesn’t happen then there is an issue with the interface drivers. Re-install Artist may cure the problem.

Input Output Patch Check

If the interface is patched correctly the Green LED should be flashing continuously indicating the data is being sent to it from Artist. If this is the case and your cue still don’t function, check the Fixture addresses are set to the correct universe.