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This procedure sets up one 8 port XNet interface on Artnet.

Computer Setup

  • Set the IP address of the Ethernet port on the Artist computer to and the sub-net mask to
  • Start Artist
  • Right-click Navigator/Resources/Interface Manager/Artnet and select Properties
  • In the Select Network combobox, select
  • Check Enable
  • Click OK

XNet Setup

  • Connect the XNet interface Ethernet port with a cross-over Cat5 cable to the Ethernet port on the computer you have set up
  • Set the XNet address switches to x100 = 1, x10 = 3 and x1 = 0 which is an IP of address of
  • Set the XNet Universe and Subnet to 0. This is the default settings.
  • Power up the XNet. Power off and on if the XNet was already powered.

Artist Setup

  • Under Navigator/Resourses/Interface Manager/Artnet you should now see 2 new item. and
  • Right-click on and select Properties.
  • Set the Outputs to 8 and Click OK.
  • Right-click Navigator/Resources/Input Output Patch/DMX Outputs and select Properties.
  • Set 8 universe to add
  • Right-click Universe 1 and select Connect
  • Select Artnet, Node –, Universe 1
  • Repeat for each of the added Universe 2 through 8

The system is now setup to drive 8 Universe.