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The Sunlite interface is no longer supported by us or Sunlite. This means that 64bit driver will not be available for these interfaces. In order to use 64bit OS you must use the ShowCAD USB-DMX interface or any of the supported Ethernet systems.

If you need to rebuild a computer using the Sunlite interface,

  • Unplug the Sunlite Interface
  • Install Microsoft Windows XP 32 bit OS
  • Install Artist 2 (Artist 3 does not have the drivers for the Sunlite)
  • Copy the previous computers workspace files to My Workspaces on the new computer
  • Plug in the Sunlite USB interface. Follow the instruction and when prompted navigate to the Program Files/Artist directory to locate the Sunlite drivers. Windows should respond by say the drivers were installed successfully
  • Start Artist. When Artist is first started it will open the Example workspace
  • Select Main Menu/File/Open Workspace
  • Select your workspace file

Artist should now be back as it was on the old machine.