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You can create real time events that are relative to the time of the sunset or sunrise.

Set Location First open Master/Time Control/Sunrise. This opens a dialog showing a map of the world. Uncheck ‘Lock’ and point to your location on the map and click. Or you can manually enter a longtitude and latitude. The text box and the bottom of the window shows the calculated times for sunset and sunrise. Close this window.

At midnight the new sunset and sunrise times are calculated automatically and displayed in the Master/Time Control window.

Creating and Event

This example creates an event occur 15 minutes after sunset.

  • Select Main Menu/Wizards/Real Time Wizard
  • Select ‘Relative to Sunset
  • Click on the muinutes column of the event time
  • hold the keyboard up arrow until 15 is displayed
  • select ‘Next’
  • select the Required system command. Example ‘Activate/Cue’
  • select ‘Next’
  • enter cue details. Example ‘Action = Activate’, ‘Group = 1’ and ‘Object = 1’
  • select ‘Next’ then ‘End’.

Start Real Time Events

Click the Play button in the Time Control window to start the events and optionally select the ‘Auto Start’ box to ensure that the events start each time Artist is launched.

This example will activate Cue 1 on List 1 15 minutes after sunset every day.