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Many manufactures produce light battens that have a group of master control channels and consecutive RGB channels in 3 channels groups. These fixtures might have 4, 8, 16 or any number of RGB groups.How should you create a template for these fixtures?

The best practice is to define the Master Control channels as a seperate fixture within Artist. The ShowCAD Template file contains many of these Master Control group templates for various fixtures. You can then use the Simple Types/Colour Mix Dimmer template for the RGB groups. For example, if you have 16 x RGB battens with 16 RGB groups in each you will then create a Fixture group with 16 Master Control Fixtures and a Fixture group with 256 Colour Mix Dimmer fixtures.

The reason for this is that is gives you maximum use of the Effect generator in Artist since the Master control channels are defined in another fixture group. Now when you go to the RGB Fixture Group the effects will give you all the powerful effects you were hoping for.