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ShowCAD Artist is a show control system used for effect light, video and sound in nightclubs, theatre, public space and architectural environments. The central lighting control element is output through DMX. 100+ universes can be connect through Ethernet and USB connected interfaces. Multiple interface protocols are supported.  This means that Artist can control some 50,000+ channels of lighting or 17,000+ colour mixing LED. There is plenty of scope for future expansion.

Fixture Control

Any DMX fixture can be controlled with Artist through templates (fixture profiles) ranging from standard lighting single channels fixtures to multichannel Intelligent Lighting (moving head and moving mirror) fixtures. Artist has built in effect generators for all types of fixture parameters like x and y mirror and yoke, colour mixing, gobo selection and many others.

A 2D graphical mapping system for pixel arrays allows graphics effects and video to be mapped on to complex arrays of LED pixels. 

A 3D LED matrix system with super-efficient visualisation produces powerful centrepiece effects with an array of LED rods.

Autonomous DMX fountain control is another scenario that Artist has been used for frequently.

Cue Control

The effects that you set up using the effect generators and fixture control features can be saved to cues for fast recall. These cues can be arranged in list for ease of access and categorisation. These cues and list can be accessed through a touch screen or by many remote control and automatic event triggers. Cues can play locally stored video and audio clips and also send serial commands to externally connected devices such as laser controllers, video player, video and audio switchers.

Remote Control

The central computer system can be controlled by multiple remote touch screen tablet devices or even smartphones connected on a local area network or through the internet.

Event Triggering

Many situations require the system to be totally autonomous. This is Artist’s forte. Artist can synchronize to SMPTE and MTC time code from external devices such as audio or video players. It can play locally stored video and audio clips on the same PC and synchronises lighting cues to the local time code stream.

Artist can also trigger cues on time of day or calendar events. Events and remote control can be achieved simultaneously.

These are the central capabilities of the software but there is much within to help the environment designer realise his or her vision.

Try It

WThe software is readily downloaded from our website. The outputs from the software expire in 30 days but Artist will continue to run to allow of line programming or evaluation.